Learn about the different web design services we have. Whether you’re looking for a fresh site, or complete redesign, we’re here to give you the face-lift that you need.

Web Design

Your website is there to showcase your business to a worldwide audience on a 24/7 days basis. So, if your business or project has no website, your competitor will beat you to the punch, obviously.

But not all websites make the needed impact, unfortunately.

To that effect, here at Juni Consult, we carefully analyze your needs in order to deploy the most effective technology for the expected results. All our web design projects are done with Search Engine Optimization best practices in mind.

Whether you want to create website for brand awareness, company, organization, a blog, we’re here to give you the perfect web design service to match.

Web design

Website Redesign

The web design space is changing at light’s speed. And a website without modern features can lead to poor user experience and deny you valuable business. 

If your website is not responsive to different devices, has broken links or full of crappy designs, it may just be time to give it a revamp. 

This is where we come in handy.

We’ll review various options with you and make sure your website comes to terms with modernity, become friendly to the search engines for better ranking to attract the right audience to your business.

Website Audit

  • Does your website take forever to load?
    (Feel free to check your site speed with this tool: GTmetrix)
  • Is it performing poorly in Google and the other major search engines and you have no clue what the problem is?

Now worries!

We will undertake a proper web design audit to help uncover the underlining causes.

After a thorough examination, we’ll issue a report detailing both the causes and recommendations that can be implemented to enhance performance.

We consider job satisfaction as quality work delivered on time. This means we execute your web design project faster without sacrificing quality work. We also undertake the necessary revisions to make sure you’re fully satisfied with the work. 

Our web design projects are built using some of the most flexible programs in the web design space today. We also take you through the process of doing minor edits and updates without any difficulty.

Additionally, we offer technical support after the work is delivered. This way, you’re assured of the needed attention in the event of any glitch.

Feel free to check out our special offer now. 

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