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Requires no electricity

Use your sensor bulbs without worrying about any wiring. You only need battery to fire it up.

Portable & beautiful

Decorate your corner with these smart bulbs to add colour and value.

uses sensors

No need to go switching it on. It lights up once it detects your presense using its smart sensors.

very affordable

It's designed to meet the pocket of everybody who loves lighting technology.

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Frequently asked questions

These are smart bulbs that goes on or off by the presence or absence of the human body. They’re ideal for places including your bedside, wardrobe, etc

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It comes with a magnet that makes it very easy to fix at any angle you want.

It’s designed to work in the dark. This means you’ll see its power during the night

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From Our clients

"I purchased this small bulbs from JR Ventures and they're just great."
Blessing Asamoah
"These products are interesting because of the sensor. i don't have to press anything for it to on or off"
James Quaye
MD, First Eye Constructions, Tesano
Juni Consult