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Your search for medical equipment suppliers in Ghana is over. Whether you’re looking for medical equipment for sale in Ghana or a long term supplier, we’re here to help. We are your reliable partner in a wide range of hospital equipments at competitive prices.

We’re located in Accra, Ghana and deliver at record time. Not in Accra? No worries! We supply to pretty much all locations in the country.  Our products are original, with all the relevant certifications to give you the confidence you need to use them.  We deal in state-of-the-art equipments that ensure efficiency. We keep sourcing and adding unto our stock to make our services even more worthwhile to you.

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Hospital Disposables

We have quality disposables for various medical purposes. They’re made of high quality materials that’re friendly to the skin while providing the best protection against infections including Covid 19. Whether you’re looking for bulk order on a regular supply or on a one-time basis, you can count on us for the best and reliable service.

Our range of medical disposable include but not limited to: Medical face masks, Surgical Gloves, Surgical Gown, Gauze, Drapes Examination gloves,  Medical caps,  Syringe, Infusion set among others.

Our products are moderately priced compared to what pertains in the general market. Depending on the quantity you want we’re always willing to review it even further down.
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We supply hand sanitizers of all types. Our products contain the appropriate medical components required by the FDA. With the right volume of alcohol content, your protection is assured.  We deal in sanitizers from reputable brands such as, Bactigel hand sanitizer, Purell sanitizer, Carex hand gel, Kleanz Hand sanitizer etc.

We have various sizes starting from 30ml, 60ml, 500ml, 120ml, to 1gallon. Our prices are also moderate and even lower when ordered in bulk. We supply to all parts of the country for bulk orders.

We have various prices of sanitizers to meet every individual’s needs. This depends on sizes of the product as well as the quantity of the order. We always want to hear from you. Let us know what you want today.

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Surgical Lights 

For a smooth and successful surgical operation, quality lighting is a must. Striving to be among the best medical equipment suppliers in Ghana, we keep adding to our stock, modern and quality surgical lights also known as Operating lights, operating room lights, that ensure efficiency for the process to go on.

We also provide refurbished medical equipment in the area of sterilizers, disinfectors among others such as anesthesia machines.

Our products include defibrillators, lights, ultrasounds patient monitors among various others. Need to illuminate the room for a successful surgical process now? Talk to us today!

Consulting Room Essentials 

We supply a quality mix of transport stretchers, examination couch, Ward Screen – 4 Fold/5 Fold Stainless Steel/Powder Coated, Stethoscope etc to help carry out your consulting duties. Our products are imported from highly reputable manufacturers. This helps to maintain quality standards. Our products include examination couch, ward screen – 4 fold/5 fold stainless,
stethoscope, ENT Diagnostic Set With Accessories etc

Whether you’re looking to replace dilapidated consulting room equipment or thinking of setting up an entirely new facility, we’re here to help equip you with the right hospital equipments. Looking for something different? Feel free to talk to us and we’ll do our best to supply you.

Hospital Furniture

Without the proper healthcare furniture, a lot of things can go wrong in the administration of healthcare at the hospital. Thankfully, we supply some of the best
medical office furniture in Ghana that you can rely on. Our furniture are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure comfort and safety for both the staff and the
patients. These include: hospital bed, delivery bed, medicine cabinet, infant-trolley, examination stretcher, medical, adjustable table etc

Here at Juni Consult, we have products for different areas of the hospital including the waiting room, theater, dental unit among other places. Made of materials such as vinyls and polyurethanes as well as fabrics such as Crypton, a blended, water-resistant upholstery, your comfort and flexibility is assured. 

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