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1. Disposable Nose Masks for Adults

buy nose mask in GhanaWe have various disposable nose masks for sale. They’re made of the best quality materials and offer a comfortable feel on the skin. Our nose mask colours include your favorite shades of blue, black, and pink.

We have them in packs of 50 pieces each in boxes of different quantities. Need a specific quantity? Just call 0243174009 now!

2. Nose Masks for Children

children nose mask

Your quest to buy a nose mask in Ghana may not be complete without considering your precious young ones. Our children’s nose masks are carefully designed to whip their appetite to wear and are of high-quality materials.

We supply in various quantities to meet every demand.

3. Buy Nose Mask in Ghana: The Black Colour

buy nose mask in Ghana

Get our black nose masks to suit that special occasion. Again, they’re made using high-quality materials and offer great protection against the Covid 19 virus.

We supply in different quantities of your choice and sell at highly competitive prices

4. Kn95 Mask for Sale

kn95 mask for sale in ghana

For high-level protection against COVID 19, KN95 mask comes in handy.

With 5-layer protection and a filter, the KN 95 Nose Mask offers up to 95% protection

Our product is original, comfortable, and designed to provide tight protection against the COVID 19 virus.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered some useful questions regarding nose masks for your reading pleasure

How much is a 50 pack of masks?

A 50 pack of nose masks is Ghs 10.00 only in Ghana. Clearly, this is much cheaper than the prevailing market price. A pack contains 50 pieces of nose masks. Note however that this is the price for the BLUE disposable nose masks. The black comes at a different cost of Ghs 12.00 only.

How much does KN95 mask cost?
Kn95 mask starts at Ghc 40.00 for 25 pcs in a pack/box in Ghana. This depends on the quantity in a pack. For example, a pack of 40 pieces of kn95 is a cool Ghs 60.00. What quantity do you want today?

Talk to us now: 0243174009

What stores sell facemasks?
Juni Consult is a store that sells facemasks at a very affordable price in Ghana. We put the health and safety of Ghanaians at the heart of our business by offering low prices for all.

How much is a face shield in Ghana?
A face shield in Ghana starts at Ghc1.00 only.

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