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We’ve got the best hand sanitizers at very competitive prices. The market is increasingly being saturated with all sorts of sanitizers with little to no regard for quality. We aim to do things differently, giving you the best only.

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Before You Buy Hand Sanitizer in Ghana from Us, Know What’s Available

If you’re looking to buy hand sanitizer in Ghana, chances are you want some of the popular and reputable brands. Thankfully, we have some of the best hand sanitizers on the markets today for your purchasing pleasure.

In stock are:

Bactigel Hand Sanitizer1. Bactigel Hand Sanitizer

With 68% Ethyl alcohol, Bactigel hand sanitizer Kills germs, bacteria and most viruses. It’s also known for prevention of infections at health centres and other such environments.
Sizes: 30ml,60ml, 500ml, 350ml, to 1gallon

Bactigel hand sanitizer2. Purell Hand Sanitizer

Purell hand sanitizer remains one of the favourites of many hospitals and health professionals because of its ability to kill up to 99.99 percent of germs.It’s also known to be friendly on the skin and quite easy to use.
Sizes: 30ml,60ml, 500ml 

3. Carex hand gel
Carex hand sanitizerWith 70% alcohol content, you should be comfortable to use carex hand gel. It does not damage the skin and very easy to apply.
Sizes: All sizes


4. Kleanz Hand sanitizer

Kleanz hand sanitizerKleanz hand sanitizer is one other hand sanitizer that has the potency to kill up to 99.99% of germs, making it very safe to apply on the hand for great protection.
Sizes: All sizes

Adonko hand sanitizer5. Adonko Hand Sanitizer

Adonko hand sanitizer is definitely one of the best hand sanitizers manufactured locally in the wake of the covid pandemic. It is known to safely protect you against the deadly disease as it kills 99.9% of germs
Sizes: All sizes

6. Santex Hand Sanitizer

Another quality hand sanitizer you can get from us is Santex sanitizer. It’s prepared to offer clean and safely protect your hands with its 99.9% germs killing power.
Sizes: All sizes

Sanitizer wipes: We also have sanitizer wipes from the above brands.

Other hand sanitizer brands

We also have other quality hand sanitizers from other brands such as:

  • Cel Hand Sanitizer (Ethanol 70%)
  • Laud K Pharmacy Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol 70%)
  • 1 Africahand Sanitizer (Ethanol 70
  • 24/7 Hand Sanitizer (Isopropyl Alcohol 70%)
  • Belshaw Alcohol Hand Sanitizer (70% Alcohol)

Why buy hand sanitizer in Ghana from us?

First off, we deal in hand sanitizers that have been approved by the FDA. This means you’re getting sanitizers that have the correct ingredients to give you maximum protection against COVID-19 and for other personal health care purposes.

Our products are alcohol-based and contain between 65% – 95% ethanol – as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). We make sure our sanitizers are stored in the approved room temperature. In addition to this, our hand sanitizers are clearly labelled. This allows you to easily see expiry dates and other useful information before making the purchase.

How To Buy Hand Sanitizer In Ghana From Us

We have a stress-free way to order our quality hand sanitizers wherever you are in Ghana. For our clients in Accra, we make arrangement to deliver their orders at their doorstep – at a small fee.

For new customers who live anywhere in Ghana other than Accra we have two channels:

1. Arrange with someone you personally know in Accra to receive the products on your behalf and send it to you by any means convenient to you. This way, you’re double sure of the transaction

2. We send via VIP and other local transport systems
If you’re willing to test our 💯 genuineness, you can put us to the test. We’ll do the necessary arrangements with any suitable local transport system to send it to you once you’re ready to take care of the associated charges

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