15 Very Helpful Websites You Need Today!

The internet continues to be an awesome repository of knowledge and valuable resources. Innovative programs and ideas are being introduced at light’s speed, all in an attempt to make life a lot easier. That notwithstanding, hitting the big world wide web to search stuff among other gazillion others can really be a pain in the neck – sometimes.

If this resonates with you,  no worries.

We’ve pulled down our bookmarks of many years to share with you some of the interesting and most helpful websites we use that you can also use to facilitate your work.

Let’s get going…

1. WeTransfer – If you’re looking to transfer a large file free of charge, this tool comes in handy. You don’t even need to worry about registering for an account.

2. InstantDomainSearch – When searching for the availability of a domain name before purchase, this tool works way faster than the search engines of most domain registrars. Instantly see the search results as you type.

3. DuckDuckGo – If privacy is of utmost concern to you, this is the search engine you need. It promises not track your activities.

4. Canva – Want some graphics done but lack the technical skills? Don’t fret just yet. This program has a huge collection of templates to give you some inspiration. Get your logo, flyers, eBooks, banners and others done without even worrying about installing any software.

5. GTmetrix – How fast does your website load? Avoid the guesswork. Use this tool to measure and even identify the areas to tweak for better performance.

6. TypeRacer – Learn with fun while speeding up your typing skills by competing with others on this platform.

7. Bubbl.us – Easily create mind-map to facilitate your studies.

8. Stickk – Find yourself procrastinating? This tool will compel you to stick to them!

9. Join.me – This tool will help you to share your desktop screen with others. You can record audios as well.

10. 10MinuteMail – Want to quickly create and get rid of an email? Try this tool.

11. FlightStats – Check the status of your favorite flight with this tool

12. ZeroDollarMovies – Get a huge collection of curated movies from the big Youtube.

13. Coursera – Learn valuable skills from the top universities in the world with little to zero investment.

14. Snipboard.io – Take and share a snapshot of your screen, web pages the easiest way.

15. Namecheap – The cheapest and best place to purchase a domain name, hosting and other web technologies.

There you have it. 

Hopefully, you should make a good pick out of the list.

Got others worth sharing? Let the world know in the comment box below.

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